BAU Services





Contract Labour  

  • Temporary team managers. 
  • Temporary BAU team members (Embedded onsite or remote). 

Outcome based Resources  

  • In an outcomes-based contract, payment is wholly or partly dependent on outcomes being achieved. 
  • An outcome based agreement will be directly incentivised to deliver outcomes as agreed and defined in a contract. 

Managed services  

  • Outsourced activities, processes and functions agreed for a 12, 24 or 36 month period, delivered remotely or onsite.  




Delivery Method

We provide an offsite UK based service with an offshore India based service.

Our experts are embedded into your team providing a blended delivery. This means a 100% delivered service and an 80% delivered service with upskilling of your team, reducing to 20% ITSX delivery over time.

Duration of activities 

  • 1/3/5 days per week 
  • 1/3/6/12 month services
  • Flexible resource pool, drawn down over period
  • Defined project

Charging Model 

  • Day Rate 
  • Outcome based project 
  • Partial managed service 
  • Full managed service 
  • Direct purchase / government framework 
  • Via a software reseller  

Tooling we can work with

  • Manual data collection 
  • Existing tool (Flexera, ServiceNow, Snow, other tools) 
  • Deploy new permanent or temporary tool




Our Leadership
& Expertise


  • ITAM Expert project manager
  • Embedded temporary team manager
  • Staff & resource management 
  • Embedded or remote team consultants (Contractors SIFA level 2-6)
  • Employees of ITSX