Software publisher optimisation  




Optimisation Process


What we do: 

  • Review incumbent work and progress made
  • Vendor analysis
  • Initial commercial review
  • Vendor plan creation
  • Initial possible saving strategies
  • Risk 
  • Stakeholder engagement


Draft Licence Positions


  • Demand review
  • Deployment reviews
  • Commercial review

What we do:

  • Review licence demand
  • Review historic licence demand
  • Identify unapproved installs
  • Tool discovery and manual data capture
  • Reviewing existing licence position for accuracy
  • Licence position discovery & exceptions review
  • Alternative investigation
  • Contract, entitlement and licence review
  • Terms, conditions, use rights and unique constructs
  • Invoice reconciliation and pricing


Effective Licence Position


  • Draft effective licence positions
  • Stakeholder validation

What we do:

  • Licence position creation 
  • Source finalisation
  • Peer review
  • Effective licence position report for sign off with recommendations for action
  • Risks
  • Opportunities
  • Review draft ELP with stakeholders for sign off or issue identification



Draft Optimised Effective Licence Position


  • Optimisation phase 1
  • Draft optimisation position

What we do:

  • Based on effective licence position, produce a series of recommendations for how customer can move effective licence position (ELP) to an optimised licence position (OLP), and what that OLP could look like.
  • Potential savings report in two categories (1) immediate potential changes ahead of renewal & (2) projected potential cost savings via contractual renewal.

Recommend and track: 

  • Removals
  • Reconfigurations
  • Commercial changes
  • New demand
  • Risks
  • Savings


Optimised Effective Licence Position


  • Optimisation phase 2
  • Optimised licence position
  • Snow licence and application configuration

What we do:

Potential savings report in two categories:

(1) Immediate potential changes ahead of renewal

(2) Projected potential cost savings via contractual renewal

  • Continued recommendation and tracking of optimisation activities. Produce optimised licence position.
  • Demand review
  • Inventory review
  • Purchase creation
  • Licence load to tools
  • Licence configuration
  • Application mapping 
  • Application validation
  • Vendor validation


Managed Licence Position


  • Optimisation phase 3 
  • Managed ELP Report
  • Reporting

What we do:

  • Create master ELP with plan and actions for keeping vendor compliant and deliver savings. 
  • Produce management information recommendation reports in respect of the above in order for the service to maintain the MLP.
  • Share recommendations where alternative approaches may offer higher commercial efficiency such as high-density virtualisation, licence stacking, adjusting active DRS policies. 
  • Share recommendations regarding optimising current contracts for removal of redundant and/or costly products.



Delivery Method

We provide an offsite UK based service with an offshore India based service.

Our experts are embedded into your team providing a blended delivery. This means a 100% delivered service and an 80% delivered service with upskilling of your team, reducing to 20% ITSX delivery over time.

Duration of activities 

  • 1/3/5 days per week 
  • 1/3/6/12 month services
  • Flexible resource pool, drawn down over period
  • Defined project

Charging Model 

  • Day Rate 
  • Outcome based project 
  • Partial managed service 
  • Full managed service 
  • Direct purchase / government framework 
  • Via a software reseller  

Tooling we can work with

  • Manual data collection 
  • Existing tool (Flexera, ServiceNow, Snow, other tools) 
  • Deploy new permanent or temporary tool




Our Leadership
& Expertise


  • ITAM Expert project manager
  • Embedded temporary team manager
  • Staff & resource management 
  • Embedded or remote team consultants (Contractors SIFA level 2-6)
  • Employees of ITSX