Microsoft 365 Profiling





ITSX ASSURE are a team of award winning, IT optimisation and Commercial IT experts.  Our services are independent, value driven and delivered with a unique ‘customer first’ approach.  


  • We help you understand what you own and how its licensed.  
  • In workshops we establish roadmaps, adoption rates and new requirements. 
  • Optimise future requirements and roadmaps to create a Bill of Materials. 
  • Support or lead negotiations with Microsoft to ensure you get the best deal. 
  • Provide proactive governance & guidance to keep you in a compliant position. 


We offer a range of services designed around Microsoft’s licensing:

Microsoft Office 365 User Profiling  

A full review of your employee data, O365 license allocations and activation, active users and usage reports. A review of inventory where possible. Stakeholder engagement session around employee requirements, IT provisions, security and working environments. Roadmap, adoption and future requirement workshops to build out an accurate Bill of Materials.


 Kicking Off

Engagemnet Overview
Overview / Timelines / Prerequisites

 Week 1

Employee Base
Roadmap and adoption / User profiling

 Week 2 

Data Capture
Workshop sessions

 Week 3

Data Analysis
Data analysis and licence profiling

 Week 4

Profiling Completion
Summary and Allocation report

 Week 5

Findings Presentation
Outcomes / Savings / Next Steps


Our Process

Phase 1 ELP

Effective License Position

We begin our process by discovering what you currently have. We investigate your current contract and your current products. Our experts will interpret create to create a trustworthy license position.

Phase 2 OLP

Optimised License Position 

Next we work with you to discover what you need through the use of future demand strategy workshops, License use rights optimisation and Product deployment optimal management planning.

Phase 3 Renewal

Optimal commercial BoM (Bill of Materials) 

We then provide you with an optimised bill of materials based on current vs future demand and a Negotiation strategy and audit support. We also provide price benchmarking from comparable peers in vertical and contract benchmarking, advantageous T&Cs, saving strategies.

Phase 4 MLP

Managed License Position 

At phase 4 we offer a contract utilisation tracking plan for maintaining optimal value and compliance, as well as:

  • New requirement validation, tracking and optimisation 
  • Services for achieving successful implementation of above:
  • Training of your team
  • Yearly review and renewal planning / support 
  • Quarter touch point review service
  • Full managed service




We are proud to be truly independent of software the sales process. We are UK based, offering world class Software Asset Management & Commercial software experts with a proven track record of success.




Delivery Method

We provide an offsite UK based service with an offshore India based service.

Our experts are embedded into your team providing a blended delivery. This means a 100% delivered service and an 80% delivered service with upskilling of your team, reducing to 20% ITSX delivery over time.

Duration of activities 

  • 1/3/5 days per week 
  • 1/3/6/12 month services
  • Flexible resource pool, drawn down over period
  • Defined project

Charging Model 

  • Day Rate 
  • Outcome based project 
  • Partial managed service 
  • Full managed service 
  • Direct purchase / government framework 
  • Via a software reseller  

Tooling we can work with

  • Manual data collection 
  • Existing tool (Flexera, ServiceNow, Snow, other tools) 
  • Deploy new permanent or temporary tool