About Us



Our company was created by the world’s leading independent experts in the IT asset management field. This expertise has been acknowledged by our peers through various industry awards and as ITSX we are perfectly placed to help you optimise your IT assets. We are not another sales organisation that talks the talk yet fails to deliver resources with the relevant experience or the pedigree to back it up. 

Our skills and experience come from working in companies like your own for over 15 years, at the coal face, side-by-side, tackling many of the biggest problems in this space. Audits, optimisations and commercial risk mitigations have driven the asset programmes we have delivered for some of the biggest organisations in the world (and also some of the smallest). Asset management is never a one size fits all: we know what works and what doesn’t, and more importantly, we will know what will work for you. 





  • Our team advise, create and implement solutions that will optimise your software licence position from a contractual and commercial perspective. All our solutions are designed to meet your short, and long, term technology requirements whilst creating tangible financial benefits. 
  • Our total delivered savings from negotiating new purchases and optimising renewals for clients, collectively is in excess of £500m. 
  • On average we save between 20% and 40% of an agreement’s costs where it has not been optimised before, and 5% to 15% where it has.



Our Mission

To maximise the value of your spending on software and hardware via a simple, flexible and cost-neutral model, which ensures contracts and assets are managed in a proactive and sustainable way. 





Meet The Team


Chris Morgan, sales and partnerships director at ITSX Assure  

Chris Morgan

Sales and Partnerships Director

15 years of asset management experience. Flexera expert, SAM Programmes leader, savings and optimisation specialist


 Barry Pilling, operations director at ITSX Assure

Barry Pilling

Operations Director

15 years of asset management. Data Centre and cloud optimisation specialist. Oracle, IBM, VMware and Microsoft.


 Jac Reed, Head of PMO and service Engagement at ITSX Assure

Jac Reed

Head of PMO and Service Engagement

15 years of asset management experience. SAM expert, renewals, governance and process.


 Dan Barron, Head of Licencing services at ITSX Assure

Dan Baron 

Head of Licensing Services

15 years of asset management, Microsoft expert, renewals, audits, Datacentre and SAAS agreements.


 Khirthi Shanmugavel, Offshore Driector in India at ITSX Assure

Khirthi Shanmugavel

Offshore Director - India 

10 years of asset management. Flexera expert, renewals, IBM, Oracle.


Nathan Edwards, Principle Licencing Consultant at ITSX Assure

Nathan Edwards

Principal Licencing Consultant

10 years of asset management. SAP specialist, Oracle, Hardware asset management.


 Mahadev Patole, Software asset management lead in India at ITSX Assure

Mahadev Patole

Software asset management lead - India

10 years of software asset management experience.


 Anthony Daglish, senior consultant and tooling lead at ITSX Assure

Anthony Daglish

Senior Consultant and tooling Lead

5 years of asset management experience. SAM technical tooling expert, renewals, optimisation.


 Dan Ward, Strategy Director at ITSX Assure

Dan Ward

Strategy Director

20 years of commercial IT experience and SAM knowledge. An expert negotiator with strong SAM knowledge and a world-class Microsoft expert.


  Ben Thrower, commercial software expert and projects manager at ITSX Assure

Ben Thrower

Commercial Software expert and Projects Manager

10 years of SAM and commercial software experience.